Thursday, September 8, 2011

Phillip Askew – YOGA – Challenge the body, engage the mind & quicken the spirit – New York City

I love Lilou's interviews she is a beautiful Co-Creator.
I have always been known for always stretching as a child
I never knew that It was really YOGA!
Older in life I was very insecure with being so open with myself to even
think about doing yoga but I have began making it a part of my everyday life
I have never felt more at peace doing these poses. It eases the tension.
In Rodney beginners yoga every time towards the end of his energizing
video when you choose to listen to inspirational vs instructional.
He describes how our bodies are musical instruments that want to be in harmony
with everything to create a beautiful masterpiece.
That always moves me so much I begin to tear up because I have always known that.
That may be why I love being part of a harmonious group whether it be band or color guard. You create beautiful music with sound and your body.

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