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SAUL - You are love, you are peace, you are stability - 09/07/2011

John Smallman

You are love, you are peace, you are stability
09/07/2011 by John Smallman

As you approach the end of your journey, which has taken you to the farthest reaches of your imaginary reality, rejoice! Because at last you are coming Home. . . Home to the magnificent divine welcome that awaits each of you when you complete the journey – a journey that has been long, arduous, stressful, and at times very painful and confusing. Many of you have frequently wondered if it had any meaning, if there was any point in continuing onwards, if in fact there truly was a destination where you would eventually arrive. Your hope and your faith have been severely tested, and yet you pressed on. . . because from time to time you caught glimpses of the Light within, beckoning you forwards.

You have never been without that inner Light, but the ease with which the constant stream of happenings in the illusion caught your attention has distracted you, causing you to lose sight of it for long periods of time – often referred to as “the dark night of the soul.” Now your awareness of it is returning and you are responding to its simple beauty and perfection as it gently persuades you to follow it Home. And you are remembering that that has always been your intent, and you are encouraged by that memory to focus on completing the journey.

To focus on completing that eons-long journey is your most pressing and urgent task, and it is why you are present in physical form at this point in your spiritual evolution. A great upward evolutionary movement is due for all those on the spiritual evolutionary path, and you are here to be a part of it. Your presence is necessary not only for your own evolution, but also to help the deeply sleeping multitudes who are, themselves, due to take this momentous evolutionary step.It is a move out of attitudes that are self-centered, defensive, competitive, fearful, and confrontational into ones that are loving, cooperative, and harmonious. All must and will take this step, and to do so it is essential to release all those ancient unloving attitudes that in the illusion, for your own safety and well-being, seem so normal and sensible.

You are receiving enormous assistance with this task from those in the spiritual realms, so that you can demonstrate these loving attitudes and behaviors continuously. Many of you are already doing so most effectively, and you must continue to do so in every situation and interaction, even if it seems that you are being denounced, threatened, or attacked. To respond to those kinds of situations in any other way just draws you back into the illusion.

It takes great courage to demonstrate unconditional love constantly, but you chose to be here to do that, and you most definitely have that courage. When you feel doubt, anxiety, or fear, turn inwards and ask for help because your guides, your angels, and the Holy Spirit will respond instantly to your call for help; that is why they accompany you and watch over you at all times. Yes, you may still experience those doubts, anxieties, or fears, but you will also realize that you are not alone, but constantly supported so that you can maintain your energy field as a calm, peaceful, and loving space in the center of any storm that may be raging around you. You are love, you are peace, you are stability, and you can and will demonstrate this in spite of any misgivings you may feel, because you know that your support will not fail you – in fact it will strengthen and intensify.

With so very much love, Saul.

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