Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Powder and The Chronicles of Narnia

This movie was showing yesterday on Syfy
and I remember as a little girl watching the movie but the only scene I really remembered was when his pregnant mother got struck by lightening
If you really listen to the movie deeply
the message is so beautiful.
It corresponds with the whole attitude of ascension
When he is with the girl at the fair he explains to her
how we are all connected that there is no division at all
and that is a main aspect of unity consciousness
we are all one all connected there is no division because we are all within each other.
It is just a beautiful movie that I believe to hold much more meaning than what is showed on the surface.
After powder was done showing.
The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian
showed and wow
now that I have grown spiritually
I see the movie in a much more different way
rather than seeing it as a children's movie
I see it a metaphor of the dimensions between our world
middle earth and the heavens
the way Aslan spoke reminded me so much of how God speaks in the bible
also at the end when he breathed life into a couple
totally supported the feeling i had in my heart

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